Our Service

Why Us?
Porter Welfare
Foot On Kilimanjaro commits to:
Limiting porter loads to 20 kg per porter.
Paying porters a fair salary.
Ensuring porters have enough food for the duration of the trip.
Ensuring that porters have suitable shelter for the duration of the trip.
Providing porters with adequate clothing for the harsh mountain climate.
Treating porters with the respect they deserve.

Quality of Service
Foot On Kilimanjaro commits to:
Answering emails from all clients in a timely manner.
Providing high quality service throughout the trek, including quality tents and sleeping mattresses, and quality food.

Our Kili Treks
We specialised in leading treks to Kilimanjaro and around the world, we plan to help you attain the skills and background information needed to succeed and enjoy your chosen adventure. From the minute you sign up to one of our trips, we want to be your number one resource giving you the skills and information you need. If you are a beginner hill-walker or advanced climber we have a team in place to prepare you to achieve your goal.

We help individuals, groups, teams and charities achieve their goals in the mountains. With proven professionals preparing you with the skills and training needed to success in the world’s mountain ranges.