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Mount Kilimanjaro Helicopter Flights Emergency Rescue
Your safety and well-being is at the heart of all of our operations. And while we implement the highest standard of health and safety, there are rare occasions where emergencies can arise. To make sure you are covered for all possible scenarios, we recommend adding our optional helicopter rescue insurance to your Mount Kilimanjaro package.
We use Kilimanjaro Search and Rescue (SAR) for all our helicopter rescue missions, which will ensure you get from the mountain to a hospital as fast and as safely as possible. More information can be seen on their website
Express Flights
Too tired to walk down after making it to the Roof of Africa? As well as emergency evacuations, we can organize a unique and hassle-free way to end your epic Mount Kilimanjaro adventure. After successfully reaching the summit, we can help shorten two days of a grueling descent to a comfortable thirty minute flight.
Whether it’s that long-awaited refreshing shower, that well-deserved Kilimanjaro beer, or just wanting to move on to your next adventure, contact us today and we can discuss our express flight options for you.
Scenic Tours
If you’re not keen on climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and would rather just enjoy the views from above, we also offer scenic helicopter tours of the mountain. This flying safari can last up to two hours giving you the ultimate opportunity to get up close to Mount Kilimanjaro’s three peaks and see some other natural wonders of Tanzania. Contact us for further information on our scenic flight tours.