EXPLORE Mikumi National Park

Covering an area of 3,230 sq km, Mikumi National Park is Tanzania’s fourth largest national park. The park borders with the famous Selous Game Reserve and together they make a unique ecosystem altogether. It’s proximity to Dar and the amount of wildlife makes Mikumi a sought-after destination for a weekend trip for the people of Dar and tourists alike.

Due to the fair presence of wildlife, a good game viewing is almost guaranteed any given day in Mikumi. It is the only place in the southern circuit where you can spot all the members of the Big Five. Being located in the remote southern circuit, it is remote and very less visited by tourists. Thus, you can have the entire park to yourself.


The flood plains are the main feature of this national park which eventually merges with the miombi woodland. Apart from the Big Five of Africa (cheetah, lion, cape buffalo, elephant, and rhino), other animals whihc are found in MIkumi are warthog, waterbuck, wildebeest, crocodile, zebra, wild dog, and hippo. It is possible to get sightings of the rare Sable antelope and Greater and Lesser Kudu. In addition to the wild animals, there are more than 400 bird species to be explored, some of which migrate all the way from Europe.

Best Time to Visit

If you ever think of visiting the elusive chimpanzees in Tanzania, then Mahale National park is the place you should visit which is probably the best place in the country to see these delightful apes in their natural habitat. The park is home to a primate habituation program which habituates the chimpanzees and makes them friendly or harmless to tourists visiting the park.